About LMA

Having a child with food allergies can be terrifying.

When I discovered my daughter was severely allergic to sesame, I felt helpless and scared for what our future would look like. Starting preschool was anxiety inducing. Would teachers advocate for my daughter the way I do? Would she feel left out, get made fun of? How would I keep my daughter’s allergy top of mind for teachers, families, and friends in order to keep her safe?

I set out to find allergy labels that spoke loudly in my absence, but nothing stood out or caught my attention. And if it didn’t catch my attention, how would it catch the attention of everyone else around her? So I decided to create her very own sesame allergy placemats, stickers, patches and magnets that would be big, bright, and bold; accessories that she’d be proud to use and wouldn’t go unnoticed.

And why stop there? Over 5.6 million kids have food allergies in the U.S. alone. Every one of those kids should have allergy accessories that make them feel empowered. And every parent should feel confident that their child's allergy accessories are providing much needed reminders, so they stay safe at school and wherever they go.  



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