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Custom Placemat + Magnet Sign (Single Allergy)

Custom Placemat + Magnet Sign (Single Allergy)

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Tell us what you're allergic to (or condition). We'll design your unique placemat and include your name!

To order:

Step 1: Use the Your Allergen text box to tell us your single allergen* (or condition i.e. diabetic, asthmatic, etc.)

Step 2: Use the Your Name text box to tell us your first and last name

Step 3: Place it in your cart and purchase

Step 4: Give us your email address in case we have questions about your order

Step 5: Place it in your cart and purchase

Then leave the rest to us!

*This custom placemat is for single allergens only. If you have multiple allergies, please see our custom placemat for multiple allergies.

**Custom placemats may take 4-6 weeks to receive.


Vinyl with a magnetic backing


12" x 18"

Care Instructions

- Product is not dishwasher safe
- Product is not microwave safe
- To clean, use water and mild soap
- Wipe spills with soft damp cloth and dry immediately
- Do not use harsh chemicals on product


- Do not allow children to use unsupervised
- Do not use product if any part is broken, missing, or damaged
- Do not lick, chew, or bite product
- May cause serious harm or death if product is ingested
- Not food grade material
- Not microwave or dishwasher safe
- Intended to be used as a visual reminder only

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