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Diabetic Alert Placemat + Magnet Sign

Diabetic Alert Placemat + Magnet Sign

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It's a placemat and magnet in-one! 

A great way to define your little ones’ space when eating or making art, and remind everyone to keep them safe.

When not in use, place on the fridge or school whiteboard as a daily diabetic awareness reminder. Or roll it up to store. Durable and wipes up easily!


Vinyl with a magnetic backing


12" x 18"

Care Instructions

- Product is not dishwasher safe
- Product is not microwave safe
- To clean, use water and mild soap
- Wipe spills with soft damp cloth and dry immediately
- Do not use harsh chemicals on product


- Do not allow children to use unsupervised
- Do not use product if any part is broken, missing, or damaged
- Do not lick, chew, or bite product
- May cause serious harm or death if product is ingested
- Not food grade material
- Not microwave or dishwasher safe
- Intended to be used as a visual reminder only

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